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US deploys 600 troops to Guyana which borders Venezuela

US troops now virtually surround Venezuela

A recent article notes: “US troops have been deployed in Guyana, which is located east of Venezuela. With US allies Brazil bordering to the south and Colombia to the west, Maduro is under more pressure as a quarter of his citizens suffer in dire poverty. With Chinese and Russian influence increasing in Guyana, Trump hopes the deployment of US air force will strengthen the relationship between the two countries.”

Troops are to provide humanitarian aid for now

This is the first time in a decade that US troops have been deployed to Guyana. The deployment for four months is led by the US Air Force and is called New Horizons humanitarian outreach. However it is reported as being a stepping stone towards a prolonged relationship with the Guyana military forces. The US also wants to counter the increasing Russian and Chinese influence in the area.

US wants close ties with Guyana and its military

Major General Andrew Croft of the US Air Force said in an interview: “Guyana sits is in a strategic location on the north edge of South America and on the Caribbean. That’s what makes it important. Also, as political change happens in the nation and they become more aligned with us, it’s important for us to make those personal relationships not only through the embassy, but also through the military and the Guyana defense force, which is currently about 3,000 strong with the intent to nearly double it in the upcoming years.”

Croft also said that the US troops will also serve as an insurance policy if conflicts break out in the area. They could obviously help create another front if the US decided to intervene militarily in Venezuela. Croft warned about the increasing presence of China and Russia in South America mentioning that Guyana uses Huawei communications networks. Both Russia and China are heavily invested in bauxite mines who mainly mine for aluminium.

US supporting attempted coup

In January of this year Juan Guaido leader of the Venezuelan opposition declared himself president and claimed that Maduro’s reelection as president was illegitimate. He was immediately backed by the US and most of its allies including Canada. US opponents China and Russia side with Maduro as does Turkey.

US has now created more favorable conditions for a military intervention

A recent article concludes: “With Guyana secured, the US military has effectively surrounded Venezuela with personnel building up in Colombia and Brazil; both countries border Venezuela. The groundwork for a military intervention is being set; it’s only a matter of time before an invasion could be seen. “

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