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Spectacular talks new song, mixtape, book, social media platform (Includes interview)

His first solo single “She Don’t Love U” went out to radio and it was the second most added record in America at urban radio. He has sold over 11 million units with Pretty Ricky, and he has a second single and a mixtape called Sex God. “I’m working on my album and I’m putting out my mixtape, which is finally complete, and I’m very excited to see what the world thinks about it,” he said.

Regarding his song “She Don’t Love U,” he said, “It was the second-most added record in the country for that actual week. We did it on an independent label, and we were on a promo tour until last month. We were going from city to city and from interview to interview to let the world know about the single. I want to show the world what I have got as a solo artist.”

“She Don’t Love U” is available on iTunes.

Spectacular underscored his love for performing live, and he has been performing ever since he was in the third grade. “I’ve been in a dance group forever, and that’s what made me transition into Pretty Ricky,” he said.

This fall, Spectacular will be releasing his relationship book, Spectacular Love: How To Make Good Love Last . “When I’m focused on something, I give 110 percent and make sure it is quality. If I’m working on a book, I’m blocking my time out solely for the book,” he said. “That’s how I do things, and I love what I do.”

Each day, Spectacular is motivated by his desire to be successful. “I want to help out people that are in need. I want to be in a space where I can help millions of people,” he said.

His proudest professional moment was when he hit his first million mark in the music business in revenue. Also, their song “Grind With Me” peaked at No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. “That was amazing. It was a life-changing song,” he admitted.

He is also bringing power heavy weights as clients to his social media platform, Adwizar, such as Ginuwine, Jayden Jaymes, Kevin Gates, Fat Joe, Bow Wow, Pleasure P and Jermaine Dupri, among many others. “I basically help artists and influences monetize their social media, fan-base and engagement,” he said.

Spectacular listed global music stars Rihanna and Beyonce as his dream female duet choice.s “I would love to make a classical love record with Beyonce, and a classical sex record with Rihanna,” he said.

His advice for aspiring musicians is to stay focused. “Don’t let anybody tell you that you can’t do something, and all you really need is one hit to change your life,” he said. “Also, build your team. Nobody does it by themselves.”

For more information on hip hop sensation Spectacular, follow him on Facebook and Instagram.

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