Cody Miller talks about ISL, DC Trident, future goals and success Special

Olympic gold and bronze medalist swimmer Cody Miller chatted with Digital Journal about being a part of the inaugural International Swimming League (ISL).

In the ISL, Miller competed for the DC Trident. "That was a blast. I don't think anyone had any real expectations. It turned out to be a lot of fun," he said. "We all got to see that it is proven to work long-term for the athletes, in terms of coming together as a team and competing as a team and trying to earn points. As professionals, it was a big experiment and the big takeaway was that it can definitely work. I had a great time."
"It was really exciting for all four teams since each team had a real match. It was back and forth, which is good and what you want in the sport," he said.
Miller had nothing but the warmest remarks about Kaitlin Sandeno, who is the General Manager of the DC Trident. "Kaitlin is awesome. She developed a reputation amongst all the swimmers and not just the ones on her team. She was very compassionate and very charismatic. She was also very energetic and willing to do anything for anyone at any time," he said.
He praised the technology Phlex EDGE for being "really cool" and for "pushing the boundaries." "They are organically integrating technology for things that any swimmer can use. I really like it since it gives you real-time data," he said. "Ultimately, all of these technologies are pushing things in the right direction and they are helping to make people better."
For recovery purposes, Miller shared that he has a NormaTec unit as well as a Hyperice massage gun. "The big thing is consistency, especially as I get older to find new ways to make sure that I am recovering," he said.
When asked what areas he would like to improve on in the New Year, he said, "I want to make the U.S. Olympic team for 2020 and try to go best times. I am at a point in my career, where I still think I can achieve lifetime best times."
He also praised his DC Trident teammate, fellow swimmer Ian Finnerty (whom he also trains with at Indiana University) for his superb races at the ISL event in Maryland, where he triumphed in the breaststroke events. "Ian is such a fun dude. He loves the short course meets and he goes out fast. Ian is awesome," he said.
On the title of the current chapter of his life, Miller said, "I have a lot of good things going for me right now and I am trying to ride that wave."
Miller feels that the struggles really helped prepare him for the biggest moments. "Any swimmer on the national team or anyone who conquers the Olympics can attest that the hardest times are the things that make you who you are," he said.
He defined the word success as follows: "Regardless of the outcome, if I can have no regrets even in my biggest races, that's success." "Knowing that I did everything I could to prepare myself for that moment. Honestly, success is inevitable at that point," he explained.
Miller's latest vlog about the ISL U.S. derby in College Park, Maryland, may be seen below.
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