Review: Bruno Martini, IZA and Timbaland release soaring 'Bend the Knee' Special

Bruno Martini, IZA and Timbaland joined forces and released their refreshing new track "Bend the Knee." Digital Journal has the scoop.

"Bend The Knee" is the latest single from chart-topping Brazilian recording artist, Bruno Martini, with help from Timbaland and IZA. It is a song that is featured on Martini's forthcoming full-length studio album, Original (Universal Music).
The song is melodically infectious and smooth. It encompasses elements of electronic dance music (EDM), R&B/soul, adult contemporary and pop music, which makes it quite eclectic. The song's production is solid and impressive. It would make a great banger for nightclubs and dance-floors once they start to open again, and it is a must for any music lover's playlist.
"Bend the Knee" is available on Apple Music, Tidal, and on Spotify. It is worthy of the repeat button.
The Verdict
Overall, "Bend the Knee" is an uplifting and glorious track by Bruno Martini, IZA, and Timbaland. It is a match made in musical heaven. There is something in it for everybody, and it garners 4.5 out of 5 stars. Well done.
To learn more about Bruno Martini and his new music, check out his Facebook page and his website.