Review: Jade Harlow is the heart and soul of the 4th season of 'The Bay' Special

The last four episodes of the fourth season of the Emmy award-winning digital drama series, "The Bay" (Amazon Prime) were released in mid-August, and actress Jade Harlow stole the show.

Throughout this season, Harlow's character, Lianna Ramos, has been going through a lot. She lost her mother who overdosed and she accidentally shot the only man who loved her, and he is in critical condition in the ICU. Lianna is going through a very difficult time and Harlow's performance really runs the gamut as she makes the fans and viewers feel all of those raw emotions. Her character is feeling misunderstood, empty and drenched in grief and guilt.
Her scenes opposite actress Vivica A. Fox, who plays her psychiatrist Dr. Angela Foster, are so raw, gripping and powerful that they will leave fans in goosebumps. The same holds true for her scenes with veteran soap actor A Martinez (Santa Barbara and General Hospital), who plays her grandfather, Nardo Ramos. Harlow emerges as a limitless actress, who is not afraid to showcase her vulnerability.
In 2018, Harlow won the Emmy Award for "Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Digital Drama Series" for her brilliant acting work on The Bay, and judging from her performances in this season, she ought to get ready to add more hardware to her mantel, preferably a "Lead Actress in a Digital Drama Series" Emmy Award. Jade Harlow has already set the bar high for other performers to follow, and she is the "One to Watch" at next year's Daytime Emmy ceremony. Well done.
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