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Video: Wired's giant robot befriends 10-yr-old girl at Comic-Con

Wired Mech meets Zooey
Wired's giant robot "WIRED Mech" is creating a stir at San Diego Comic-Con. The robot, built at the Stan Winston School of Character Arts in collaboration with Legacy Effects, forged a defense alliance with a little superhero Zooey after a chance meeting.
San Diego - According to Wired.com, the 9.5-foot-tall, 400-pound robot was constructed in 24 days by Stan Winston School and Legacy Effects, the studio that created armor for Pacific Rim and Iron Man. According to Wired.com: "...we asked for something special. They came up with an aluminum and urethane behemoth, and invented an innovative control mechanism to let the robot arms replicate even the smallest movements of the pilot’s.
Stan Winston School uploaded to YouTube the video (see above) that shows WIRED Mech confronting Zooey and asking: "May I destroy you?"
He settles for a defense pact instead when Zooey refuses to grant permission, promising to be her bodyguard.
Well, judging from Zooey's fearlessness, it could be WIRED Mech who just found a superhero protector.

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