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L.A. District Attorney admits letting murder suspect avoid jail

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Surveillance photo of Ka Pasasouk.
A mistake made by the Los Angeles District Attorney's office allowed a career criminal, now murder suspect, to remain on the streets, where he is accused of committing his latest crime.
Los Angeles - The Los Angeles D.A.’s office admitted Monday, to “inadvertently erring” when it made a deal that allowed Northridge quadruple homicide suspect, Ka Pasasouk, to forgo jail time in favor of a drug diversion program, reports the Los Angeles Times.
The Crime
Around 4:30 a.m. Monday, Dec. 3, four people were shot and killed outside an illegal boarding home in Northridge, Calif. The same day, police arrested four suspects in connection with the shooting
Los Angeles residents Ka Pasasouk, 31, Donna Rabulan, 30, and Christina Neal, 31, and Howard Alcantara, 30, of Glendale, appeared in a Las Vegas court on Thursday, Dec. 6, where it was decided that they’d be extradited back to California.
Pasasouk, the presumed gunman, charged with murder, while the three remaining suspects are charged with accessory after the fact.
Criminal History
Pasasaouk’s history involves multiple run-ins with Los Angeles authorities. In 2006, he was subject to deportation to his native country, Laos, due to his criminal history, which included felony assault and second-degree robbery.
He was released from California State Prison in 2008 and taken into custody by federal agents, but according to according to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), they were “unable to obtain travel documents to facilitate his removal," because historically, deportation to Laos has been problematic.
The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Zadvydas v. Davis , 2001, that deportation orders must be carried out within 90 days. Pasasouk was released because the time limit had expired.
In 2010, Pasasouk was convicted of grand theft auto, and again sent to state prison. In January, 2012 he was released into the custody of the Probation Department due to overcrowding, NBC reports. According to Probation Deputy Chief Reaver Bingham, Pasasouk never reported to his probation officer.
Pasasouk was attested again in September for illegal possession of methamphetamines. The probation department recommended he be sent back to prison, but the D.A.’s office worked out a plea deal allowing Pasasouk to plead no contests and enter a drug diversion program.
Pasasouk again failed to report to his probation officer after his Nov. 14 proof of progress court appearance. The Probation Department sought to obtain a warrant. It completed the paperwork one day before the Dec. 2 massacre, Bingham told NBC.


#1Dec 11, 2012 Igor I. Solar
BIG mistake. This fellow Pasasouk should be put in jail or sent back to Laos. No deals with him!
#2Dec 11, 2012 Hans Smedbol
serial stupidity on the part of the Justice department of California, and the Federal guys too.....he should be deported to Laos where he can kill freely until they kill him....hopefully no plea deals over the murder....serial criminals need to be either locked up or under permanent surveillance (too expensive), or in his case, deported.
#3Dec 11, 2012 Leigh Goessl
California seems to be having a lot of crime issues that have resulted from letting people back on the streets too quickly. In this case, he should have been long ago deported.
#4Dec 12, 2012 Kenan BartaN
Sad part is this dude probably came here with a family tryig to get away from career criminals and murderers and here he comes to a place where he is now away from all that yet he now is the career criminal in a NEW PLACE committing the atrocities his parents likely came to the USA for in the first place.
Also let's not forget how does a person get released on parole so often when they are involved in large scale crime ALL THE TIME? Oh yeah over crowding. WHAT BS. Stop building so much military and having so many was and the prison system and the related facilities across the USA for prisoners can be accurately revamped. I mean just look at what is now an almost completely vacant WAR PRISON we all know as Guantanamo which cost so much to build for literally no use now when other places that that money could've been used to grow are over crowded.

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