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Antonis Samaras likens Greece to the Weimar Republic

Prime Minister Antonis Samaras of Greece
Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras has warned that the deteriorating economic and social situation in Greece has left Greek democracy facing its biggest challenge. He likened Greece today with the end of Germany's Weimar Republic.
Athens - In a straight talking interview with German newspaper Handelsblatt Antonis Samaras warned that Greek society "as a whole" was threatened by the "extreme left-wing populists" and "by what has not occurred in our country before: the rise of a right-wing extremist, one might say fascist, neo-Nazi party."
He said society was “endangered by rising unemployment, just as it was toward the end of the Weimar Republic in Germany.”
He added that the polls indicate Golden Dawn (Chrysi Avgi) is already "the third-strongest political force in Greece, upward trend." He went on to say that if his government fails Golden Dawn is "waiting for us the chaos."
Golden Dawn responded to his remarks on their website, stating: "Do not worry Antonis Samaras! Soon the Golden Dawn will be the first political force and and will no longer cause for concern."
Samaras went on to tell Handelsblatt that Greece was at "the limit of what we can expect of our population" citing unemployment, poverty and "more and more people have to go to soup kitchens of church and charities to get a hot meal."
Samaras stressed that what Greece needs is more time, rather than more aid.
Following his return to Greece Samaras demonstrated his impatience with the far-left, as he reacted to the storming of the Ministry of Defense by shipyard workers. Ekathimerini reported he said "I won’t allow Greece to become a free-for-all."


#1Oct 6, 2012 JohnThomas Didymus
I pointed that out in a previous comment. The similarities are haunting, with the German currency hitting a record inflationary high in the post-world war I era, and Germans in economic despair, All of Germany's troubles were blamed on Jews, instead of German leaders whose military adventurism led to the debacle of the First World War and anti-Antisemitism went literally "viral," "Nationalist" groups thrived, and of course, the end-result was the Holocaust... "Nationalism" is racism's favorite disguising cloak...right wing conservatives love to masquerade as "patriotic nationalists." They would typically say, oh, we are not racists we are only defending our native rights...
#2Oct 7, 2012 Grass Hopper
End of the German Empire
1 August 1914 World War I breaks out.
14 April 1917 Government announces reduction in bread rations.
15 April 1917 200,000 Socialists and Communists stage major strikes in Germany
13 July 1917 Dr. Georg Michaelis replaces Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg as Chancellor of Germany.
31 October 1917 Michaelis resigns, replaced by Count Georg von Hertling
4 October 1918 Prince Maximilian of Baden replaces Count Georg von Hertling as Chancellor of Germany
7 October – 3 November 1918 Naval mutinies (see German Revolution)
4 November 1918 Sailors and worker's councils declare general strikes.
5 November 1918 3rd Squadron revolts.
7 November 1918 100,000 workers march on the Royal House of Wittelsbach. The King of Bavaria flees.
8 November 1918 All 22 of Germany’s lesser kings, princes, grand dukes, and ruling dukes had been deposed.
It looks like November 8th 1918 was cough, cough, mutter, mutter, a http://www.thefreedictionary.com/damn curse on some.
Please forgive my vulgarity.

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