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Video: Cat escapes from dog by surfing across swimming pool

A clever cat escapes a pursuing pooch by hopping on a surfboard and skimming across a pool.
Video of a cat 'escaping' from a dog by jumping on a surfboard and skimming across a swimming pool has gone viral, as these sorts of things tend to do.
The pursuing pooch and fleeing feline can be seen in this video posted on YouTube by CatTrainerToo, aka Robert Dollwet, an American animal trainer living in Australia. Dollwet is the owner of Malibu Dog Training, located in Tweed Heads, New South Wales.
While you may be thinking that the scene was staged, Dollwet insists it was not.
"It's funny that people think I taught the dog to chase the cat," he wrote on his YouTube page. "I didn't, he is chasing the cat on his own. The dog skidded the last few feet because he didn't want to fall into the pool, which he accidentally fell into as a young pup and is very afraid of falling in again."


#1Aug 10, 2012 Leigh Goessl
Have to admit at first wondered if it was staged too (watched the vid before reading). Even if it was though, cute video!
#2Aug 10, 2012 Gar Swaffar
Staged or not, smart cat.
#3Aug 13, 2012 Brett Wilkins
... and a refreshing pause from all the gloom and doom of the "real news!"

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