Video: Today is Middle Finger Day, time to 'give them the finger'

August 1 is the World Middle Finger Day. According to the organizers, it is a day dedicated to the right of everyone to "flip off whoever they want, wherever and whenever they want, and for whatever reason."

According to researchers, the gesture dates back to Ancient Greece. The book "Fingerology: The Complete Guide to the Fingers," by Hillary J. Kenner, says:
"...obscene gesture... also known as 'flippiing' or 'flicking' someone off. The gesture of giving someone the middle finger is said to have originated in Ancient Greece where playwrights used the gesture as an insult in their writings, meant to symbolize the phallic disparagement used by primates."
According MSN Now, the middle finger salute is useful in a variety of situations: In a traffic altercation, in a row with neighbors, co-workers or in a run in with a least favorite ex. In any situation in which you wish to be expressive you are encouraged today to salute with the middle finger. reports that Charles Green, one of the organizers of the World Middle Finger Day, says:
"The Middle Finger gesture is the most universal gesture there is to express discontent. While it may not be in common use everywhere, it's known and therefore I'd hope people would adopt it. It's a clear but peaceful way to protest, to object."
Enjoy the official video of The Middle Finger Day which introduces the "The Middle Finger Day Song." Practice "flipping off" with the catchy chorus of the song that says "Give 'em the finger."

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Andrew Moran   Aug 1, 2012
What a useless day. It's bad enough that we are already extremely rude to each other, practice impolite manners and are generally resentful of all, now we have this day to further encourage even more uncouth behaviour.