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Video: Wedding party falls into lake after dock collapses

Screenshot from video showing a bridal party falling into water after a dock collapses
It started off as an impressive photo shoot, an entire bridal party lining up on a picturesqure dock in Shelbyville, Michigan. But then the dock collapsed and all the finely-dressed men and women had to swim to safety.
Eric and Maegan Walber's marriage got off to a wet start after their bridal party fell into the water during a photoshoot at Bay Pointe Inn on Gun Lake in Shelbyville, Michigan.
A video shows the guys and gals lining up on the dock, awaiting a photoshoot and then the dock broke and they were suddenly submerged in neck-high water.
The groom didn't get too upset about the accident. "Everyone was laughing. It was one of those things that it just happens and you roll with it," Eric said.
Also, media reports noted diners at the restaurant gave the wedding party a standing ovation after they got out of the water.
'It makes for a good story," the bride noted. "We'll be telling our grandkids."
The video has gone viral, attracting more than 78,000 views within two days of being uploaded to YouTube.
There was some collateral damage to the incident, apparently. A wedding guest who fell into the water announced in the video, "Hey, guess whose phone doesn't work anymore!"


#1Jun 26, 2012 Marcus Hondro
If the marriage doesn't work they'll say it was doomed right from the start because of this. Looked like fun actually.
#2Jun 26, 2012 Alexander Baron
More fun than a Justin Bieber concert.
#3Jun 26, 2012 R. Francis Rubio
How not to keep a marriage afloat. :]
#4Jun 26, 2012 Anne Sewell
Oh LOL! Poor people, isn't this the second one of these? Seem to remember a similar story recently.
#5Jun 26, 2012 Cynthia Trowbridge
At least they were all laughing.
#6Jun 27, 2012 Steve K
LOL! They say those who finance weddings 'get soaked'. This story proves it!
#7Jun 27, 2012 Kev Hedges
I remember a very similar incident some months back. I wonder if this was contrived?

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