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Op-Ed: Obama's police state — the net widens

Governor Janet Napolitano
Is the Obama Administration worse than the Bush Administration when it comes to privacy and surveillance? Some people think so.
In the classic George Orwell novel Animal Farm, right at the end, the animals look through the window and see the pigs - their new masters - arguing with their human business partners. Somebody had been caught cheating at cards, and before the eyes of the bemused creatures, the faces change from man to pig, from pig to man; they are unable to tell the difference.
Pete Townshend summed it up in a nutshell in his song Won't Get Fooled Again:
“Meet the new boss
Same as the old boss.”
A short video just released by BrasscheckTV compares the use of government surveillance under the Obama Administration with the previous one, and concludes that we have indeed been fooled again. Check it out for yourself, and see how much of it you agree with, especially the excellent analysis by former New Jersey Superior Court Judge Andrew Napolitano.
Did you realise that FBI agents can access your personal records - including your medical records - on their own authority, in effect by issuing and signing their own warrants?
There can be no doubt that government surveillance has increased enormously since 9/11, and that this has been sold to us on the pretext of keeping us safe from those wicked terrorists. But what happens when the government itself becomes a terrorist? On August 4 last year, a man was shot dead by armed police in North London. Check out what the legal authorities here have done about holding his killer to account. It won't take long.
So, is Obama worse than Bush was, or McCain would, have been? We don't know how many warrants McCain would have applied for, or to what extent he would have trampled over freedom if the Republicans had won. What is a near certainty though is that if McCain had won, things would have been a lot worse in the Gulf, in particular there would have been some sort of attack on Iran, and who knows where that might have led - possibly to World War III.
Is totalitarianism inevitable in the United States and everywhere else? Some people believe so, but it isn't that long since the British Government was talking about introducing compulsory ID cards. That plan has now been mothballed, for the time being, so it will be sometime before we are all walking around with microchips in the backs of our necks. For the moment, they can only treat dogs like this. They will do it to us to eventually, but only if we let them.


#1May 7, 2012 Anne Sewell
The world, unless we stop it, will be one big police state, and soon.
#2May 7, 2012 Leigh Goessl
I've always felt that had certain technologies been available decades ago, it would have come a lot sooner. It doesn't matter the political party, the end result is the likely to be the same unless people pay attention. Additionally, when 'solutions' are considered for issues, it seems to me decision makers often fail to look at the bigger picture.
#3May 7, 2012 Alexander Baron
Is that why you wrote an article about a creature with massive claws and beady eyes that walks sideways? Sorry, that was a crab.
#4May 7, 2012 Alexander Baron
Re the bigger picture, see my article on Sevareid's law.
#5May 7, 2012 Phred C
All I can say is that my family's background is in Poland. We followed all the stories for the sake of our loved ones still there in the days of Solidarity. If the citizens of the United States are fearful of a government that has eyes and ears everywhere against every citizen, let those citizens regard the triumph of ordinary people against a repressive administration in Poland. Americans can put a stop to this sort of thing here and now, before it gets any worse. But they must begin now by making their voices heard -- loudly and from great numbers of people.
#6May 7, 2012 Hans Smedbol
that's the problem. we don't HAVE large numbers of people protesting these invasions of liberty and privacy....most just bow down, and accept them, saying that it's necessary for the "war on terror"....they've been utterly brainwashed by the incessant fear based propaganda....they don't mind too much when the TSA is groping 3 years old children, despite the PTSD that it gives them....they don't mind when the TSA is groping elderly ladies and gentlemen, who pose not the tiniest threat to the flying public....they don't mind when the FBI targets a Muslim person, warms him/her up for terrorist plotting, provides all the materiel, and then busts the person in a "sting" that was actually a frame up job...nor will the courts, who will automatically give that poor fellow the maximum sentence for crimes that s/he was led down the garden path to attempt to commit....
if you are Muslim it is dangerous to state your opinion, if it is contrary to approved public government line....you might end up getting 25 years for your trouble....i worry myself, that my criticisms of the US government could result in unpleasant outcomes if i should attempt to visit family or friends in the US....so i don't go.
when we are more afraid of our governments than they are of us, we are truly living in Police States.
#7Sep 2, 2012 Rex Press
I thought I was being an alarmist when I wrote about the Obama Police State. I also addressed the financial profiling conducted by the Obama Police State, and how it's impeding economic development. Thanks for making me feel sane again. My two cents are at: http://shortattentionspanpress.com/?p=9

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