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Frail 94-year-old granny brutally attacked - left for dead in bed

Following a brutal attack, a great-grandmother lies in hospital critically ill after undergoing emergency surgery. British police cannot find a motive for the assault. Her family published photographs of her injuries to try to help find her attackers.
Birmingham - MailOnline reports that 94-year-old Emma Winnall was left with severe injuries after intruders left her for dead in her Birmingham home. Mrs Winnall was left with a fractured skull, a broken arm and wrist and a partially severed finger.
ITV News Central quote West Midlands Police Detective Chief Inspector Sarb Johal as saying:
This is a truly sickening attack on a defenceless, frail lady as she slept in her own home. Mrs Winnall had nothing of note to steal…it was a senseless assault and I'd urge anyone with suspicions about who may be responsible to get in touch straight away.
A similar attack reported in MailOnline on a 94-year-old woman took place in Bradford, West Yorkshire just over a year ago. The motive for this burglary and attack was also unclear.

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#1May 5, 2012 Cynthia Trowbridge
What type of monster would do something like this to a helpless old lady? Poor lady and the pain she must be suffering.
#2May 5, 2012 skeptikool
The lowlife that would commit such an act probably lacked the intellect to have guarded against leaving DNA.
#3May 5, 2012 Phred C
In New Orleans, the victim was a seamstress who hand decorated ball gowns with tiny pearl beads. Her 50-something daughter happened to stop by just as the robbers had finished murdering the old woman and set the house on fire. They got the daughter, too, and beat her to death as well. And that is why robbers prey upon the eldelry and the weak, because they believe the poor old souls have money hidden in their houses. And of course the elderly and the frail cannot fight back.
It would be a great kindness if neighbors would keep an eye open on the elderly folk in their area. Sad as it seems, in many families, the elderly are practically forgotten unless a child has to be baby-sat, or someone needs money. The thing to do is to be on the lookout for anything strange you might see or hear, and call the police. Tell them exactly what it was that did not look or sound right to you, and let the police come out and take a look at it. Don't try to play Batman!
#4May 5, 2012 Gar Swaffar
Some folks on this planet make it very difficult to believe they belong to the same human species as the rest of us.
#5May 6, 2012 Lesley Lanir
Gar, I agree. A sickening, incomprehensible act of violence and for what?
#6May 6, 2012 Gar Swaffar
@Lesley Lanir
Gar, I agree. A sickening, incomprehensible act of violence and for what?
Thrill kill? Very little else fits the available data.

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