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Video: Human mattress dominoes record set in New Orleans

Some 850 La Quinta Inn & Suites  employees recently captured the world record in Human Mattress Domi...
The world record for a human mattress dominoes toppling event was recently shattered by a group of 850 La Quinta Inn and Suites employees who gathered to form the human chain with mattresses that will be donated to charity to benefit the local community.
New Orleans - The event, which was staged in New Orleans, requires the participants to form a line holding on to a mattress that when pushed, falls backwards and creates a consecutive effect that eventually topples each person and mattress in a series of unbroken movements.
"Once the official pushed the first domino, the carefully-placed mattresses all fell in turn until the last fell on a red carpet. However, participants had to remain lying down until the record was confirmed. After that, the participants were allowed to jump for joy on their mattresses, said HuffPo.
The World Records Academy reports the previous record was achieved by 526 people at an event hosted by Commercial Luna, in Huesca, Spain. A similar record for human dominoes without mattresses was set by 10,267 participants at a fair in China.
The mattresses used in the La Quinta human dominoes event were donated by Simmons Bedding Company and will be given to charities in the Louisiana area, according to CBS News.
A Guinness World Records representative was present at the successful attempt to break the mark set by the Spaniards and officially certified the new world record.


#1Mar 2, 2012 Anne Sewell
Looks like so much fun! I notice that most of the "dominoes" are quite "husky", which I suppose makes it easier! :o)
#2Mar 3, 2012 Steve K
This is merely another example to reinforce perception we are living in a nutty society where some don't know how to spend their time in a meaningful manner.

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