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Op-Ed: Gingrich's standing ovation for saying U.S. should kill enemies

Newt Gingrich speaking in Washington
Whilst Ron Paul was jeered and booed for his anti-war stance during a GOP debate in South Carolina, his rival candidate Newt Gingrich received a standing ovation for his warmongering statement.
Myrtle Beach - Newt Gingrich received a standing ovation for his warmongering stance during Monday's GOP candidates debate in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. Invoking the image of a young Andrew Jackson, he put it to his audience that the former president "had a pretty clear-cut idea about America’s enemies: Kill them.” (Human Events)
The South Carolina audience approved his stance, notably booing rival candidate Ron Paul when he in turn suggested America should follow a "golden rule" in foreign policy. Paul said "if another country does to us what we do to others, we aren't going to like it very much. So I would say maybe we ought to consider a golden rule in foreign policy. We endlessly bomb these other countries and then we wonder why they get upset with us?" (The Hill)
The pro-war versus anti-war stance, which resulted in Paul calling Gingrich a "chicken hawk" in an earlier debate, continues. Whilst the mainstream media promotes a Pentagon agenda of war against Iran, Paul's anti-interventionist message is increasingly supported by military personnel.
To add to the debate mix Rick Perry chimed up that Turkey was “being ruled by, what many would perceive to be Islamic terrorists.” Considering that many of the Islamic terrorists that were once on a U.S. terror list are now supported by America and NATO, Perry appears to be confused as to the make-up of the enemy, considering Turkey is a U.S. ally. Libyan Islamists that enjoyed the support of NATO to overthrow Gaddafi, and are now amassing on the Turkish-Syrian border, are a case in point.
War mongering for votes is a dangerous game. If tension between Iran and the U.S. become even more incendiary than at present the situation could escalate into a full blown war, involving not only Iran and America, but the Gulf Cooperation Countries, Israel, Syria, Europe and possibly even Russia. Oil prices will escalate out of control, the worldwide recession will deepen, and thousands of servicemen and civilians are sure to die.


#1Jan 17, 2012 JohnThomas Didymus
The Christian conservative right in the U.S. consists of the most ethically challenged individuals one would ever encounter. The quality of rhetoric that has been coming from the political soap box in South Carolina reflects the ethnic-religious enclave mentality that characterizes whites of the American south. The GOP candidates, Perry, Santorum and Gingrich know they are at home here and some of the pronouncements lately attributed to Santorum ("news of dead Iranian nuclear scientists is wonderful to hear") and Perry ("corpse desecrating marines are only kids") and now Gingrich ("Kill America’s enemies") reflect the worst aspects of the "christian nationalism" of the old slavery-racist south that finds its authentic expression in right-wing movements such as the KKK and Aryan Nation.
#2Jan 17, 2012 Marcus Hondro
This is a good report, but seems to slip into Op:Ed. Having said that, it's a dangerous time and people such as Mr. Gingrich, who will not win, make it so. Yes, J.T.D. above is quite correct, the worst aspects of "Christian nationalism." Scary, really.
#3Jan 17, 2012 skeptikool
So many would-be presidents. So many war mongering thugs trying to out-macho each other. So many fools hanging onto their every word - and blind to the source of their country's $-trillions of debt.
#4Jan 17, 2012 sumdume
I guess we should elect Ron Paul and dismantle our military. If we did that I am sure that our enemies would respect our peaceful gesture and we would live in peace for ever and ever. We could even gather the gold at the end of the rainbows to feed the poor.
Are their any other fairy tales y'all want us to believe?
#5Jan 17, 2012 sumdume
The soldier who pissed on the corpses of people who tried to kill them did a stupid thing. They should be appropriately punished for their actions.
How many of you fair minded individuals spoke out when an American was beheaded by Islamic militants?
How many of you fair minded individuals condemned the people who drug the corpses of American soldiers through the streets?
Why are Americans held to higher standards than the individuals who are trying to kill us?
#6Jan 17, 2012 sumdume
Yes, it is hard to determine who are enemies and allies are. Part of the problem is the result of political changes in countries like Turkey. However, much of the problem is the result of our current President's actions. He has turned his back or insulted our allies while apologizing to our enemies.

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