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'Whatever' voted most annoying word

A recent poll has declared the word "whatever" as the most annoying word. This marks the third year in a row that this particular word has topped the poll.
Reuters reports that a telephone survey was recently conducted by the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion. Participants in the survey were given the choice of five different words from which to choose what they believed was the most annoying. The survey polled 1,026 adults.
According to the Daily Mail, "whatever" gained 38 percent of the votes, which is a one percent drop from last year. In 2009, the word received 49 percent of the votes.
The word "like" came in a distant 2nd place with 20 percent of the votes, followed by the term "you know" with 19 percent. The term "just sayin'" received 11 percent, and "seriously" came in last place with 7 percent.
In 2008, Oxford researchers came up with their own list of annoying words and phrases commonly used in the English language. Sayings like "at the end of the day" and "24/7" were included on their list.


#1Dec 18, 2011 JohnThomas Didymus
I would vote the expression "I'm'/was like" the most irritating expression young people, especially girls use. I get really irritated when a young woman, especially a teenager, begins relating an incident to the tune of "I was like."
#2Dec 18, 2011 Stan Rezaee
Just gotta hate how people end a discussion with "whatever". It feels like what you have to say has been disregarded in the most rudest way possible.
#3Dec 18, 2011 skeptikool
Here's one I see too much of on DJ: viral. Also wince at reference to, closure.
#4Dec 18, 2011 Andrew Moran
What annoys me the most? "Really?" "like" "just sayin'" "sick" and "hardcore."
#5Dec 19, 2011 Steve K
... This should not come as a surprise since it denotes INDIFFERENCE.
What can be more infuriating than someone shrugging his/her shoulders and in a bland tone, void of interest, uttering 'whatever!'?
#6Dec 20, 2011 Stan Rezaee
@Andrew Moran
What annoys me the most? "Really?" "like" "just sayin'" "sick" and "hardcore."
All on the top of "words that annoy me" list. Also its unacceptable for anyone over the age of 15 to use the word "sick" in a non-medical related manner.

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