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Radical imam wants beheading of Dutch politician Geert Wilders

The Dutch text reads  In the Netherlands or where ever in the world   referring to killing anyone fo...
Geert Wilders, the Dutch politician known for his clearly anti-Islamic stance and scheduled to speak at the 9/11 remembrance rally in New York coming Saturday, has been threatened with beheading for insulting Islam during his stay in Australia.
Amsterdam - It is not the first time that Geert Wilders, the anti-Islamic Dutch politician scheduled to speak in New York on the anniversary of 9/11, has been threatened with death. This time, however, it seems he's been very shocked by the news -- says Radio Netherlands Worldwide.
The latest threat to his life comes from one Feiz Muhammad, an imam (a preacher, literally 'leader') active in Australia and, according to Dutch Intelligence sources, considered an equal to the US-based radical imam Anwar al-Awlaki, seen as the brains behind the failed attack on a plane flying over Detroit. Feiz Muhammad, aged 40, is regarded as a radical who specializes in attempting to inspire young, Western Muslims to become Islamist radicals.
The now publicly available video of Muhammad's speech was first posted on a secret jihadist website, with the purpose of instructing radical Dutch Islamists to assassinate Wilders.
The call to decapitate Geert Wilders comes because of an interview he gave in Australia last June. The website of the Dutch radio station puts it like this:
An interview with Mr Wilders recorded in June was aired by SBS TV in Australia on Sunday. He called Islamic culture "retarded" and "violent".
Mr Muhammad said, "Seeing this evil filth from people like that dirty politician... In Islam, anyone that mocks Islam, anyone that laughs about Islam, degrades Islam, the punishment whether he is a Muslim or a non-Muslim, the punishment of mocking Islam is death. (...) If he did this, if it's been confirmed, behead him, chop his head off."
The Dutch daily paper De Telegraaf has an article about this (in Dutch), but it also has a video (in English) showing the visibly angry imam condemning Wilders and every one, Muslim or non-Muslim, who is critical of, i.e. insults and denigrates, either Islam or the prophet Mohamed. Having seen Feiz Muhammad in this video condemning him, Wilders immediately phoned the Dutch secret service and complained about not having been contacted and warned by them in a timely manner.
The secret service, called AIVD in the Netherlands, also owns a copy of the tape and, according to the Dutch Telegraaf (Telegraph), the threat is being taken seriously. The situation now calls into question whether or not Geert Wilders will fly to the US to speak in New York aside Newt Gingrich and others opposed to the Park 51 building plans near Ground Zero.
The "Freedom Party" (PVV in Dutch) led by Mr Wilders aims at restricting immigration from Islamic countries, considers Islam a violent ideology rather than a religion, wants to tax the wearing of a burqa and to forbid the Koran. The PVV is the third largest party in the Netherlands, yet since no other party wants to work with him, the PVV is currently involved in protracted negotiations not to actually govern, but to support a minority centre-right government of so-called liberals (VVD) and Christian Democrats (CDA). These negotiations have been dragging on and on, which is why the Netherlands still doesn't have new government since the elections on June 9 this year.


#1Sep 9, 2010 Don Rennick
Kind of puts the scheduled Koran burning in Gainesville in its proper perspective, doesn't it?
#2Sep 9, 2010 Christina de Vries
I remeber the tiem Theo was shot, not far from my home. He was a film-maker without any bodyguards and bycycled through the city when an Islamist killed him.
It was about the same time that both Ayaan Hirsi Ali )renegade Muslim woman) and Geer Wilders (slowly upcoming politician) needed to live in military barracks because theyd been ttretened, just like he is now.
It's crazy!! I I don't even like Wilders.
#3Sep 9, 2010 R. C. Camphausen
@Don Rennick
Kind of puts the scheduled Koran burning in Gainesville in its proper perspective, doesn't it?
I believe it's rare that we'd agree on something, but in this case I agree with what you're saying - though I disagree with the burning of books, be it the Koran or Harry Potter novels.
I'm one of those fuck(s)ing green lefties, but - unlike many liberals with left looking faces and good looking politially correct words and views on cultural assimilation (in which we are going to be assimilated in our countries) - I really don't want to see Western countries turn Islamic.
I'm not a Christian and I'm not fighting any crusade ... but in my eyes Islam is even worse than Christianity or Judaism, the followers of which killed a few on the WANTED list in their times. Some so-called Christians may burn some books -- which I think is wrong -- but beheading someone is a significant step further down the slippery slope.
#4Sep 10, 2010 Laura Trowbridge
Reading this, I was thinking how the imam was just proving Geert's point about Islam.
#5Sep 11, 2010 Abdulameer
Yes, that imam is proving Geert Wilders' point about Islam. And there are hundreds of other imams who prove the point, too. Geert Wilders shows some of them in his 15-minuted video "Fitna". If you have not seen it yet, you should. You can Google it. For lots of other imams who prove Geert Wilders' point about Islam, please visit the MEMRI website which shows the videos of those imams with English translation.

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