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NATO tank kills school girl in eastern Afghanistan

A NATO Hungarian Army T-72 tank similar to the 100 reported to be on the way to Sudan.
New reports say that a young school girl from Afghanistan was run over and killed by a NATO tank in the eastern region of the country.
Kabul - According to reports, a tank belonging to NATO forces ran over and killed a school girl in the eastern region of Afghanistan, reports Press TV.
Eyewitnesses told the media that the girl was on her way to school with her classmates when the tank struck her. The incident occurred in the Logar province, which is south of Kabul.
Foreign troops realized what happened and had immediately transported the girl to a hospital nearby but the girl died there due to the seriousness of her injuries.
NATO has not yet commented on the situation but they are expected to within the next week.

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#1Mar 30, 2010 Debra Myers
Wow. How terrible.

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