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Belgian boy salutes Canadian troops, gets recognition in return

U.S. President Barack Obama visits Canada
Soldiers usually use the command “Eyes Right” for dignitaries and leaders, but in a recent event, soldiers used it to salute a Belgian boy.
As they march together, soldiers use the command “Eyes Right!” to salute a foreign dignitary or a leader as a mark of respect.
The U.S. Military has the following procedure for the “Eyes Right!” command:
The commands are Eyes, RIGHT (LEFT) and Ready, FRONT. These commands may be given at a halt or while marching. The preparatory command and command of execution are given on the right (left) foot while marching. On the command RIGHT (LEFT), all persons, except those on the right (left) flank, turn their heads and eyes smartly 45 degrees to the right (left) (figure 3.6). To return their heads and eyes to the front, the command Ready, FRONT is given as the left (right) foot strikes the ground. On the command FRONT, heads and eyes are turned smartly to the front.
In this case, Canadian troops were marching on the road after attending a memorial service. A little Belgian boy waited for them patiently and when the soldiers approached, he stood erect and salute them.
The boy has saluted soldiers in the past, but none have ever responded. Troops usually are ordered to ignore spectators. Breaking this rule can also have stiff consequences; for example, a band leader was fired for smiling at Obama during the march.
But in the case of the young Belgian boy, the leader of the Canadian troops marching issued the command “Eyes Right!” and all the troops followed the order. They looked at the boy as a sign of respect.


#1Mar 4, 2009 Chris V. Thangham
@Adriana Stuijt
that is so great. Thanks for finding it.
Thanks it was inspirational.
#2Sep 20, 2012 Hans Smedbol
what a beautiful story, Chris...thank you so much for this...the boy will remember this episode for the rest of his life.....and what a kind officer.......
i wouldn't be surprised if he becomes a military person latter....
how could it happen that Canadian Troops were marching on a road that a little Belgian boy was standing by??? were they in Belgium?
#3Sep 21, 2012 Hans Smedbol
i was impressed with the boy's complete and beautifully made uniform....obviously one of the Highlander units' uniform...
the boy knew how to salute too, it seemed to me....even with a foot stomp...it looked very authentic....and impressive....it was very moving to see the troops looking at him as they marched past....

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