McDonald's must pay $6 million for strip hoax

Louise Ogborn, 21 was awarded $6.1 million dollars by the jury on Friday, after she sued McDonald’s for being forced to strip in the back office because of a prank call from someone who posed as a police officer. She was also abused sexually.

I saw this show yesterday but this has been in the news for sometimes, it was very sad to watch it, how the people she trusted made her do all sorts of things in the office. A man posing as a Police officer called McDonald’s and said one of the employees is a thief and persuaded the manager to strip search Louise. Instead of asking more questions or requesting the officer to come in person itself, the manager and others in McDonald’s fully complied with this odd phone request and forced Louise to strip search her and made her do bizarre things for more than three and a half hours.
The assistant manager Donna Summers, who was fired because of this incident, didn’t question or check the validity of the call but fully cooperated with the prank caller. She also enlisted her fiancé, Walter Nix, to do the illegal interrogation and made Louise naked in front of him. Nix later sexually abused her after he was requested to do so by the caller. The whole incident was taped by a video camera in the restaurant, without this proof, it would have been difficult for Louise to prove the case.
Louise Ogborn, 21, sued McDonald's Corp., claiming the fast-food giant failed to warn her and other employees about the caller who already struck other McDonald's stores and other fast-food restaurants across the country.
This is not the first time it occurred in McDonald’s similar incidents had taken place in more than 80 places across the US. McDonald’s could have sent warning notices and trained the managers after those incidents but did them very slowly as a result Louise had to suffer by the same hoax.
McDonald’s said this is the fault of the manager not the company and said they are not responsible for the incident, but the jury thought otherwise and made them pay $6.1 million dollars.
Donna Summers, who was the main culprit in this incident, later sued McDonald’s for firing her and not warning her ahead of time. She won $1 million dollars in that case. This is a bizarre incident by itself. She doesn’t show any remorse for what she did to Louise, you can see that in the video and yet she walked away with a million dollars. Her former fiancé, Walter Nix Jr., is serving five years in prison for sexually abusing Louise during the illegal search.
The person, David Stewart, a Florida man, who was responsible for making this hoax phone call was acquitted of all charges. I just don’t know how they could not charge him for this incident.
Some are blaming Louise for seeking money, but I wonder whether they will allow themselves to endure such humiliation. It is the company’s responsibility to protect her, but instead they victimized her, she deserves the award.