Del Monte & Ol Roy Recall Dog & Cat Food Treats

What's a pet owner to do when every day they are told a new pet food might kill their beloved furry friend?

The massive pet food recall seems to grow everyday, and pet owners are more concerned than ever about what is actually safe to feed to their pets.
The newest recall affects the following U.S. brands:
* Jerky Treats Beef Flavor Dog Snacks.
* Gravy Train Beef Sticks Dog Snacks.
* Pounce Meaty Morsels Moist Chicken Flavor Cat Treats.
* Ol' Roy Beef Flavor Jerky Strips Dog Treats.
* Ol' Roy Beef Flavor Snack Stick Dog Treats.
In addition to the 60 million products recalled from Menu Foods, Science Diet has also pulled its prescription Science Diet Cat food, and Alpo has pulled its Cuts and Gravy style dog food. This latest announcement is the first time dog and cat treats have been affected.
Now, as of April 9, a report based on a survey of a leading pet hospital chain says that at least 39,000 animals may have been sickened or killed by tainted food. Read more here:
The concern is the ingredient wheat gluten which is found in some foods and may contain a deadly toxic called melamine. The FDA originally had sad that the problem was due to rat poison. Pet owners can check the ingredients list to find food that is made without wheat gluten. Many people are turning to organic pet foods, but retailers are having trouble keeping those brands stocked.
Signs of kidney failure to watch for in your pets include:
Drinking Too Much or Not Drinking At All
Change in Personality
If you suspect your animal may be sick, a veterinarian can perform a simple blood or urine test to see if your pet has been poisoned. A vet exam may cost as little as $30, a small price to pay for ensuring your pet's health.
The Ol' Roy recall information can be seen here:
The Del Monte announcement can be seen here:
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