U.S. Soldier Gets 10 Years in Prison for Killing Iraqis

Raymond Dirouard, a 24-year-old Sergeant from Sweetwater, Tennessee has been sentenced to 10 years in prison in the shooting death of Iraqi detainees.

Apparently the soldier and others freed the detainees and told them to run away before shooting the three handcuffed Iraqis in their backs. The other soldiers made plea agreements and did not receive as harsh punishments as Dirouard. Raymond Dirouard could have gotten life in prison if the charges of premeditated murder had stuck but a military judge reduced the charge to negligent homicide which resulted in a much smaller sentence.
Dirouard was blamed by the other soldiers as being the leader and ordering them to kill the fleeing Iraqis but Dirouard claims he was under order to kill any Iraqi men of military service age but denies ordering the killings.