Home Made Hockey Rinkl

This is a Backyard Hockey Rink to the extreme!!

This huge backyard rink is in Sylvan Lake Alberta, west of Red Deer. Its the creation of Shane Cyrenne, originally from Pontiex, south of Swift Current, and his neighbor Chris McNeil. 9000 gallons of water was used to make the rink, and 70 hours in the shop to build the mini-Zamboni.
I couldn't imagine the joy that those kids get to play on something so unique.
I know it would be the envy of my community.


Sayovi   Feb 21, 2007
Hi Tracker29..Nice post...but do you have a link to this where we can go and read full story..
Competetant414   Feb 21, 2007
It's a work of art, and would be a joy to any kid anywhere.
ArtemisIII   Feb 21, 2007
Wow! That's amazing.
I don't even play or enjoy hockey that much and I am envious.
Tracker29   Feb 21, 2007
Hi Sayovi.
I have added a link to some more pictures.
However the original Website
does not have the story active anymore.
You can have a look unless I missed something.
Brandigal (Donna)   Feb 21, 2007
That is so cool. The kids must have a blast on it.
soome2000   Feb 21, 2007
My grandsons would LOVE this!!! I'm gonna show it to my husband, I want one.
somethingelseunique   Feb 21, 2007
Amazing work on the rink! The backyard rink is the new backyard swimming pool.
atroxodisse   Feb 21, 2007
This is awesome. I remember when we were kids a friend of my brother's use to have a rink in his backyard. That was such a blast and it was only a quarter of that size.
wanger88   Feb 21, 2007
that so cool i wish i went skating on that
Posthappy   Feb 21, 2007
This rink spans three back yards!! The parents removed the original fence to give their kids this awesome rink. The have build memeories for a lifetime.
I remember a neighbour who had a large pie shaped yard that included an mini forest; He created not only a rink, but a toboggan run that went around the whole yard and even into the forest. It was so cool and a memory I will never forget.
tango44   Feb 24, 2007
wow yo thats so sick i need one of those